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China’s Diplomatic Warning Amidst Argentina’s Presidential Shift

Tensions Rise Post Argentina’s Election

China sternly warned Argentina against severing diplomatic ties, deeming it a “serious mistake” following the recent victory of a right-wing libertarian in the presidential election. Javier Milei, the president-elect, has openly criticized China and Brazil, major trading partners of Argentina, going so far as to liken the Chinese government to an “assassin” and questioning the freedom of the Chinese people.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning, in a routine press briefing, emphasized the positive momentum in Sino-Argentinian relations and cautioned against isolating from countries like China and Brazil. Milei’s anti-China rhetoric sharply contrasts with the outgoing president’s cooperative stance. Alberto Fernandez, during his recent visit to Beijing, hailed China as a “true friend.”

Chinese Response to Diplomatic Shift

Economist Diana Mondino, poised to be the foreign minister in Milei’s administration, asserted Argentina’s refusal to join BRICS, a group comprising China and Russia. Despite being invited to join BRICS, Mondino indicated a halt in interactions with the governments of China and Brazil, hinting at a shift in trade dynamics.

In response to Mondino’s statements, Mao highlighted the economic complementarity and vast cooperation potential between China and Argentina. Emphasizing China’s commitment to bilateral stability and long-term development, Mao dismissed concerns raised by the incoming administration.

Mondino, earlier this month, stressed a willingness to trade with Brazil but emphasized Milei’s intention to end opaque state-to-state deals, signaling a departure from past secretive negotiations. While Chinese state media downplayed Milei’s outspoken comments, they cautioned that Argentina could face repercussions if it chooses to exclude China from its market.

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