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Employees Demand Board Resignation Post the AI Legend Altman’s Exit

Discontent at OpenAI

A surge of discontent engulfs OpenAI as over 500 employees demand the immediate resignation of the ChatGPT company’s board. The turmoil commenced with the abrupt removal of CEO Sam Altman and culminated in his swift recruitment by Microsoft.

In a missive procured by CNN, the disgruntled employees assail the OpenAI board for its mishandling of Altman’s dismissal. They decry the board’s failure to furnish substantial evidence supporting allegations of Altman’s lack of candor, accusing them of “negotiating in bad faith” with the company’s executive leadership.

The missive contends, “Your actions have glaringly demonstrated your incapacity to oversee OpenAI. We are unwilling to work for or with individuals devoid of competence, judgment, and dedication to our mission and workforce.”

Ultimatum for Board Resignation

The aggrieved employees issue a stern ultimatum, declaring their imminent departure to join Altman at Microsoft unless the board promptly resigns and reinstates both Altman and Greg Brockman, the ousted former president of OpenAI.

Signatories include Mira Murati, initially designated as Altman’s interim successor, and Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI’s co-founder, chief scientist, and board member. Sutskever, implicated in Altman’s removal, offered an apology on X, acknowledging his role in the leadership crisis and expressing remorse for any unintended harm to OpenAI.

The letter lays bare internal schisms at OpenAI post-Altman’s termination, casting uncertainty on the fate of the remaining non-employee board members. Notable figures such as Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo and technology entrepreneur Tasha McCauley face scrutiny.

Allegations emerge that the board, grappling with fallout from Altman’s firing, indicated to the leadership team that allowing the company’s demise would align with OpenAI’s mission to ensure the benefits of artificial general intelligence for humanity.

Microsoft’s Opportune Moment

This rebuke from senior OpenAI staff underscores Altman’s influential following and presents Microsoft with an opportune situation. The letter concludes with a revelation that Microsoft guarantees positions for all OpenAI employees amidst the upheaval.

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