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Ethics Committee Targets George Santos: Campaign Fund Misuse

Allegations Unveiled

In the aftermath of an incriminating Ethics Committee report, the chairman signals an intent to expel Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., from Congress. The report alleges the misuse of campaign funds at establishments like Hermes and OnlyFans.

Chairman’s Determined Move

Chairman Michael Guest of the House Ethics Committee asserts that the evidence uncovered justifies expulsion, with plans to submit a resolution during the upcoming session. The report implicates Santos in using campaign funds for personal purposes and engaging in fraudulent conduct.

Resolution Sets the Stage

The proposed resolution sets the stage for a potential vote post-Thanksgiving break. The extensive 56-page subcommittee investigation highlights campaign funds expended at spas, luxury stores, and resorts, forming the basis for the unanimous bipartisan decision against Santos.

Specifically, the report cites a $50,000 campaign donation redirected to Santos’ personal account for dubious expenditures, including payments on personal credit card bills, a substantial purchase at Hermes, and transactions on OnlyFans, Sephora, meals, and parking.

Santos’ Fiery Response

Santos responds vehemently, announcing non-reelection in 2024 and accusing the Ethics Committee of bias. Despite prior unsuccessful expulsion attempts, the chairman’s pursuit reflects a renewed effort to address the gravitas of the allegations.

“In the face of a biased report, Santos denounces the ‘Ethics Committee’ and unveils the depths to which federal government ethics have plummeted. An unabashed challenge to the miscarriage of justice unfolds amid accusations of political smearing.”

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