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ICC World Cup 2023 Triumphs with Record Spectator Turnout

In a historic culmination, the International Cricket Council (ICC) revealed a staggering attendance of 1.25 million fans during the 13th edition of the World Cup. The tournament, concluding with Australia clinching their sixth title against host India, surpassed the previous record set in 2015.

Throughout the Oct. 5-Nov. 19 event, 1,250,307 enthusiasts flocked to witness the cricket spectacle, eclipsing the 2015 edition’s 1.016 million. Despite initial matches witnessing vacant seats, overall attendance surpassed a million well before the tournament’s conclusion.

Chris Tetley, ICC’s Head of Events, hailed the one-day international (ODI) tournament as a “great success.” Reflecting on the extraordinary turnout, Tetley emphasized the enduring allure of cricket and the perpetual excitement offered by the ODI format. He underscored the event’s global unification of cricket enthusiasts, marking a celebration of the sport.

The record-breaking attendance not only affirmed cricket’s perennial appeal but also contributed to the event’s success. Tetley highlighted that the tournament set new benchmarks in broadcast and digital viewership, showcasing cricket’s ability to captivate audiences worldwide in an exhilarating celebration of the sport.

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