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Naked woman from “Terminator” went on a rampage at an airport in Chile

In an unusual incident at Nuevo Pudahuel Airport in Chile, a disrobed woman, seemingly under the influence of psychedelic substances, was captured on camera engaging in erratic behavior.

Startling footage, recorded by bewildered travelers, depicts the unclothed woman calmly adjusting her hair before impulsively charging towards individuals within the airport premises.

Once in the airport car park, she unleashes a series of vocalizations and erratic movements. Unexpectedly, she seizes the ponytail of an unsuspecting woman, forcefully pulling her to the ground.

Subsequently, the woman lies prostrate, pressing her exposed abdomen against the concrete, evoking astonishment from onlookers.

Despite the presence of airport security personnel, identifiable by their vibrant orange vests, no intervention is observed in the peculiar sequence of events.

According to reports from Emol news agency, the woman had ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms at a prior gathering before venturing to the airport on November 16, the date of the incident.

Law enforcement subsequently apprehended her, and potential charges may be pending for her extraordinary and disruptive conduct, as detailed by the Central European News Agency.

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