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Nvidia Integrates Microsoft Store, PC Game Pass, and Ubisoft+

Seamless Gaming Experience

Nvidia unveils a groundbreaking update for its GeForce Now application, introducing Game Syncing capabilities with the Microsoft Store, PC Game Pass, and Ubisoft+. This innovation enables users of Nvidia’s cloud gaming service to seamlessly stream PC games acquired through the Microsoft Store on the GeForce Now platform.

PC Game Pass and Ubisoft+ Integration

Furthermore, GeForce Now seamlessly integrates with two prominent game subscription services, namely PC Game Pass and Ubisoft+. Subscribers to these services can now enjoy supported games on the GeForce Now platform by effortlessly linking their accounts within the application.

Nvidia stands out as a premier game streaming service, boasting support for 4K gameplay at an impressive 120FPS. In stark contrast, Xbox Cloud Gaming is confined to 1080p at 60FPS, limiting gameplay to cloud-enabled Xbox titles, exclusively with a controller or touch controls on mobile devices. For those seeking a more PC-like gaming experience, complete with mouse and keyboard compatibility, GeForce Now emerges as the superior choice.

Unlocking Premium Features with GeForce Now Ultimate

In the spirit of the holiday season, Nvidia collaborates with Microsoft, offering a compelling incentive of three complimentary months of PC Game Pass (valued at $30) upon the purchase of six months of GeForce Now Ultimate. This premium tier grants access to servers featuring RTX 4080 GPUs, available for uninterrupted use for up to 8 hours consecutively.

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