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Trudeau blames ‘MAGA’ Americans for being a bad influence

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attributed the rejection of a new trade pact with war-ravaged Ukraine by members of the Conservative Party to “MAGA-influenced thinking.” Trudeau criticized the shift in stance, noting that Canadian Conservatives, who were once staunch advocates for Ukraine, have now distanced themselves.

Despite 109 Conservative MPs opposing the legislation, an update to Canada’s free trade agreement with Ukraine, it still secured passage earlier this week. The opposition claimed the deal would compel Ukraine to implement a carbon tax, a contention Trudeau dismissed as “ridiculous.”

Trudeau expressed dismay at the Conservative Party’s decision, emphasizing the urgency of supporting Ukraine, particularly given its historical ties to Canada, home to the second-largest Ukrainian diaspora. This marked the first instance of a lack of multi-party support for Ukrainian relief since Russia’s invasion.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre criticized Trudeau’s prioritization of a carbon tax amid Ukraine’s dire circumstances, asserting it as unnecessary. Trudeau, in turn, accused politicians opposed to aiding Ukraine of echoing Russian disinformation.

Former President Trump, a leading figure in the 2024 Republican presidential primary, has argued that the Ukraine-Russia conflict is of greater strategic interest to Europe than the United States.

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