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Trump’s Unfiltered : Kim Kardashian’s is Overrated Celebrity

Donald Trump vehemently reaffirms his disdain for Kim Kardashian, branding her the “overrated celebrity” This marks the second instance where the provocative ex-president has expressed his discontent with the reality star, despite their seemingly amicable relationship during his tenure.

Unveiling Trump’s Contention

In Jonathan Karl’s chronicle detailing the tumultuous final weeks of Trump’s presidency, he posited that the rift between them originated from an unfulfilled deal. Trump purportedly pledged assistance with a clemency case for Kardashian, contingent upon her arranging a White House rendezvous with some of her gridiron colleagues—a commitment that never materialized.

Karl asserted that Trump, incensed by the alleged broken promise and convinced of Kardashian’s support for Joe Biden, abruptly terminated a phone call with her, preceded by some acerbic remarks.

Trump’s Social Media

Now, Trump has chosen the realm of social media to castigate Kardashian publicly, denouncing her as “overrated.” On Truth Social, he refuted Karl’s narrative, deeming it “fake news.”

His post articulated, “In the ‘book,’ he portrays the world’s most overrated celebrity, Kim Kardashian, purportedly conveying her intention to ‘exploit her celebrity to entice football luminaries to visit the White House’ in exchange for commuting the sentences of various inmates. This account is spurious, given that she would be the least likely person I’d approach for football connections.”

Continuing his diatribe, Trump declared, “I did facilitate prisoner commutation, but selectively and notably more for Kanye West than for Kim, who, in all probability, cast her vote for Crooked Joe Biden.”

Oval Office Encounter

The convergence of Kardashian and Trump in the Oval Office in 2018, ostensibly centered on discussions about prison reform, sentencing, and the pardon of Alice Johnson, adds complexity to their relationship. Johnson, serving a life sentence for nonviolent drug and money laundering offenses, received clemency from the former president days after their encounter.

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